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Covid as a pandemic has taken a toll on every aspect of the life worldwide; Health, without a doubt being the most important. Battling this dreaded virus is no less than fighting a war. Also considering the side effects and the complications faced even after having that Covid negative report is what makes you feel, that it’s not over as yet! Be it breathlessness, fatigue, body ache, low immunity or weak bones, the list of the post Covid complications is endless. While most of the side effects are seen and felt immediately, there are some which appear later on the path of recovery. One such complication is Extreme Hair Fall!

What causes Post Covid Hair fall?


One of the major contributors towards hair fall. The dreaded virus has caused stress like never before. The stress hormones produced in the body have a negative impact on hair health and they start shedding in the quantities which is actually worrisome.

Lack of sleep

Be it because of the stress, work from home scenarios or the lack of physical tiredness due to lockdown restrictions, the sleep pattern surely gets disturbed. Lack of quality sleep disturbs the wear and tear mechanism of the body and delays recovery, thereby being one of the major contributors to the accelerated hair fall.


The heavy doses given during the treatment of Covid also triggers the hair fall as the body becomes very weak and is unable to repair itself at the correct pace. Certain medications may also cause hormonal imbalances in the body which further contribute to hair fall.

Poor Nutritional status

Nutrition plays a very important role in maintaining our hair health. We need adequate vitamins, minerals and proteins to keep our hair healthy and strong. Inadequate diet can be a result of poor intake or poor absorption of nutrients due to weakness in the body. Nutritional deficiencies promote hair fall.span>

Weakened immune system

Due to low immunity post covid, the body is not able to fight infections and the body`s capacity to return to its normal functioning goes down. Be it hair, skin or nails, low immunity is reflected everywhere.

Sedentary Lifestyle / Lack of exercise

It is the blood in our body which transports the nutrients to every single cell. Lack of physical activity affects proper blood circulation in the body and thus limits the transfer of nutrients required for proper hair growth.

Lack of Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a very important role in stimulating new hair growth and thus its deficiency is directly related to hair loss. Limited exposure to sunlight due to lockdown restrictions or work from scenarios has led to deficiency of vitamin D.

What exactly happens in Post Covid Hair fall?

Post Covid Hair fall can be seen two to three months after having the infection. Tremendous shedding and thinning of hair is observed. The amount of hair that is shed while brushing or washing the hair can be quite scary. Many people have reported hair just shedding off even with a mere touch along the length of the hair. The scientific term for such kind of hair loss is called as “telogen effluvium”. This happens when large amount of hair get into the shedding phase due to sudden trauma or illness.

How long does Post Covid Hair Fall last?

Post Covid Hair Fall can last from 3 months to 9 months depending on various factors.

Is Post Covid Hair fall permanent? Can it be reversed?

Well, the good news is that the post covid hair fall is not permanent and can be reversed provided immediate necessary actions are taken.

What can be done to prevent or stop Post Covid Hair fall?


Stop feeling anxious. Think positive, unwind yourself and push back those stress hormones. The ultimate cure for the Post Covid Hair fall is to release the stress. Indulge in some fun activity, hobby, read a good book or spend time with loved ones. Easing out the stress will almost kill the root cause of the hair fall.

Get good Sleep

A good 6 to 8 hour sleep works wonders for the body. It helps body recover faster, improve metabolism and boost immunity. A restful sleep is sure to decrease hair loss.

Good Diet

Healthy eating habits go a long way in maintaining overall health. It is imperative to include good amount of protein in your daily diet to improve hair health. Vitamin A, Biotin, Vitamin C & Vitamin E are known to positively impact hair health. Fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, raw salads, pulses, soyabeans and dairy products should be included in our daily diet to get all the required nutrients for hair growth. One should limit the consumption of junk and fried foods as they alter the nutritional status of the body by limiting the intake and absorption of vitamins and minerals.


Exercising improves blood circulation in our body as well as releases happy hormones called endorphins. Endorphins help stimulate hair growth.

Choose your hair products wisely

Avoid harsh chemicals or heat treatments. Opt for paraben, sulphate. silicone and phthalate free shampoos & conditioners as they tend to scrap off the natural moisture from hair. Hair colours and hair dyes should be completely avoided for some time as they can accelerate hair loss post covid. Clinically tested ingredients like fision keraveg 18 or redensyl have proven to be extremely effective in reducing hair fall and promote new hair growth. Natural extracts like amla, aritha, shikakai, fenugreek, Bhringhraj, bramhi, ginseng and hibiscus do wonders for hair. One should choose products which are made of natural extracts and are not harsh on hair. Avoid extreme heat treatments as they damage hair. Massaging the hair with Onion hair oil is very effective in balancing the scalp condition, strengthening hair and reducing hair fall. Other oils like Coconut, Olive, Sesame, Mustard and Almond are also very helpful for nourishing hair.



Diet alone at times is unable to fulfill our daily nutritional needs. A lot of it is due to the food choices and the limit to what all can be consumed in a day. Nutritional supplements like Vitamin C, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, Biotin, Vitamin D3 are helpful in reducing hair loss and promote new hair growth.

Consult an expert

If after having tried everything, nothing really stops the hair fall then it is time to consult an expert.

Take care of your tresses, they are precious!

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