As your life becomes increasingly hectic, making healthy decisions that steer you towards wellness can be difficult. At any age, it is a challenge to maintain adequate nutrient levels in your diet.

In 2018, 38% of respondents in India stated they eat fast food not less than twice or thrice a week. This number is increasing year by year and especially during times like these, it is time we put a stronger thought to it.

Well, it is very surprising that large numbers of people are aware of the change that needs to be done in their schedule for a healthy life, but time and energy are a constraint always! A healthy lifestyle can be adopted at any point in your life and it's never too late to get onto the health wagon.

Health is Wealth!!...we all as a kid have been taught this proverb! But have we ever bothered to follow it…!! The real meaning lies behind taking care of your health and if one maintains his/her health he gets everything in life very easily. Do not spend all your health, in search of wealth!

And what if we told you it's possible to be both the busiest and the healthiest version of yourself? Let's unload ourselves and find out 10 simple ways to lead a healthier life:

  1. Keep fruit or a bowl of fruit on your desk/dining table


    Fruit is the least loved snacking item when we are super hungry especially during mid-afternoon or mid-evening time. Carry a minimum of 1 fruit a day or a fruit bowl and keep it on our desk. Observation study shows that when a fruit we purchase is easily accessible to us during snack time, we are much likely to grab it before any junk food. Why don't we give it a try!!

  2. Always Prefer Home–Made Food

    Ghar ka khana is any day better than outside oily and salty food. Behind all, that taste lays all the germs and bacteria, which cannot be seen through naked eyes. Home-cooked food is best even if it is only "Dal-chawal". If you staying away from your family, maybe you can tie up with a tiffin service that provides a balanced meal consisting of salad, roti, sabzi, dal, and chawal.

  3. Have Protein Shakes for Snack

    Protein Shakes are a wonderful way to incorporate protein and fiber into your diet. They are low in calories and fat. Protein especially vegan protein can provide satiety, keeps you away from unnecessary bingeing due to high fiber content. It can also keep your cholesterol at bay and thus helps reduce that difficult belly fat.

  4. Drink adequate water

    The most important part of your diet would be to remain hydrated. Make sure to take an adequate amount of fluids. This can also speed up your metabolism and reduce the chance of gaining excess weight. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Try to sip in water or fruit-based juices throughout the day. Even coconut water is a real refresher.

  5. Include Probiotics For Your Gut

    There are millions of microorganisms working very hard every single second to help you digest your food more healthily. These are known as bacteria and are further divided into good and bad bacteria, and a balance of both is essential for maintaining proper gut health. Include probiotics in your diet will help restore balance in your digestive tract. Try including capsules instead of the probiotic drink, to make it convenient for you to carry and store it at your desk without any thought.

  6. Take care of your eyes

    Eyes play an important role in our life….we live LIFE through them!! Hence, no matter how important your deadlines are!!... Every day close your eyes for 5 minutes or splash water twice a day.

  7. Get Proper Sleep

    Pledge to sleep for at least 6 – 8 hours. An adequate amount of sleep not only helps to improve our looks in terms of reducing dark circles n all; but also helps to prepare our brain for the next day. Less sleep, less prepared for next day's upcoming challenges.

  8. Quit Smoking and Reduce Caffeine

    Try to cut down slowly and gradually and let not harmful tobacco enter your system.Limit to only 1 to 2 cups of coffee or tea in a day. Try switching to green tea or tulsi tea or green coffee to feel fresh and also to gain health benefits.

  9. Exercise Regularly

    Spare at least 5 minutes after every 2 hours of work to stretch out. This will help to calm the mind and reduce stress levels. To stay healthy and to stay happy, the easiest form of exercise can be to just go for a walk. Even a quick 10 minutes' walk during lunch is a great idea. It's refreshing and yes!. Helps in burning calories and helps release happy hormones.

  10. Laugh It Out

    And lastly, keep laughing, laughter is the best medicine and interestingly it can help release good hormones which can impact your health ultimately. Yes, you can believe us – purely coming from research! Wash out your worries and laugh as much as you can. Amalgamate a stressed-out brain with a heart full of laughter.

Try adding these activities one by one to your daily routine and feel the NEW YOU!!