Honest well-being

What does pure mean? Pure is honest. Pure is beautiful. Pure is love. Think sunshine. Think clearest water. Think mother’s love.

That is what pure is to us at Pure Nutrition too. We supplement your diet through the purestingredients, sourced from nature, so that you get the maximum benefit, in the most honest way possible.

We use the purest understanding of science to produce pure products that contribute to your purest well-being.

The belief in nature’s goodness

Pure Nutrition is the brainchild of Sushil Khaitan and Luke Coutinho. Both, firm believers in the goodness of nature and just how much it has to offer us. Born in 2017, the brand was also born out of the belief that good health and optimal wellness is everyone’s right.

Innovativeness, premium and quality ingredients together with consistent customer service is at the cornerstone of who we are. This is how, today, the brand has found its way into the hearts and homes of those who prize their health and wellness, above all else.

Our Products

We offer products for all your daily needs: supplementation, beauty and functional foods. We are available as herbal nutritional supplements, cold pressed oils and protein powders. We are proudly local and very vocal about it too, all our products are sourced, processed and manufactured locally. We,however, follow the strictest international protocols for production, research & development and safety.

Finding a home in Jindal Naturecare Institute

Jindal Naturecare Institute has been one of the pioneers in modern drugless treatments in India. The institute is built on the foundation of healing through holistic treatments like Naturopathy and Yoga. As a part of their belief system, Pure Nutrition products are regularly used in their offerings.


High Science, High Quality Supplements

Not only do we make them, we use them ourselves and we don’t settle for anything less than best. We ensure that we use only the highest quality, clinically-researched ingredients with the best bioavailability. Our products are made at GMP-certified facilities under stringent quality control procedures that guarantee supplements, at par with best in the world.

Naturally Sourced Ingredients

Nature is the best healer and our natural ingredients are sourced through meticulous research. Our bio-actives are extracted with scientific methods to ensure they provide the most potent nutrition. Multiple tests are performed on every ingredient to ensure identity, purity, and potency. These are performed by our in-house quality control team and laboratory using the most appropriate classical and modern analytical assessment techniques.

Because You Always Come First

It all starts with you. You, your health and well-being are the guiding principle behind all that we do. Is why we use safe, proven, organic, whole-food ingredients and consciously avoid GMOs, allergens, and harmful additives. If at any point in time, a product does not satisfy or meet your standards, you can avail a "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" 100% refund.

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