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Kids Calcium Vitamin D - 60 Gummies

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Key Benefits

• Promotes healthy bones and stronger teeth
• Helps fulfill calcium and vitamin D requirements in growing years
• Packed with delicious flavor and natural colors
• Preservative and allergen free

Who should consume?

Immune support, bone and joint health

Product Description

Pure Nutrition Kids Calcium Vitamin D Gummies are flavored gummies that fulfill your child's Calcium and Vitamin D requirements in the growing years. The gummies are enriched with calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D that aid in healthy growth. They strengthen bones, teeth, and muscle as well as improve your junior's metabolism. These easy-to-chew gummies are infused with mango and strawberry flavor, which your little one can hardly resist eating. Pure Nutrition Kids Calcium Vitamin D supplement is plant-based kids' gummies and is free from any preservatives and allergen. Additionally, the Pure Nutrition Kids Calcium Vitamin D gummies are gluten-free and are FSSAI certified for safe and reliable consumption.

Why this product?

Pure Nutrition Kids Calcium Vitamin D Gummies are easy to chew and fulfill your child's Calcium and Vitamin D requirements in the growing years. Calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamin D present in the supplement help child's proper growth and development and improve bones' and teeth health. These gummies are gluten-free and contain no preservatives or allergens.

Star Ingredients

Calcium plays an important role in bone formation, muscle contraction, sending signals to nerves, and hormone production. When children and adolescents are given enough calcium, adult life can start with the strongest bones possible.

Phosphorus is a vital element essential for the healthy functioning of the human body. It is used in DNA molecules and is the main component of our bones and teeth.

Vitamin D:
Vitamin D is essential for bone health and growth. It is also important for the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone diseases such as osteoporosis and osteomalacia.

Product Usage

1 gummy anytime in the day. Chew the gummy thoroughly before swallowing.


Who Should Consume Pure Nutrition Kids Calcium Vitamin D gummies?
• For growing kids, it is advisable to consume calcium-rich foods like milk and milk products. Nowadays, kids are very picky with their food choices, and mothers find it tiresome to balance their expectations and diet requirement.
• From infancy to adolescence, calcium and vitamin D play a vital role in a child’s bones and teeth health. Hence, kids above 3 years of age can consume it. For children below 3 years of age, please do consult your family doctor or a pediatrician.

Why Give Pure Nutrition Kids Calcium Vitamin D gummies to Kids?
• Getting children to eat healthy food is a tedious task. If your child does not get enough calcium in their diet, then the gap sometimes needs to be fulfilled by supplements. This is why we found the perfect solution in the form of Pure nutrition Kids Calcium Vitamin D gummies that all children and mothers love.

How Do We Store Pure Nutrition Kids Calcium Vitamin D Gummies?
• Store in a cool and dry place below 25°C. Keep away from direct sunlight.