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Pure Nutrition Vitamin D 3- Cholecalciferol & Menaquinone- Supports Bone and Joint health, Boosts Immunity - 90 tablets

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  • Provides 100% vegan Vitamin D3 derived from lichen in its most bio active and easily absorb-able form
  • Promotes and supports bone & Joint health
  • Helps boost immunity
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular health

Bone and joint health

Heart health

Immune support

Exercise and fitness

Pure Nutrition Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2 provides the right amount of each essential vitamin to maximize their benefits to support bone and heart health. While vitamin D ensures that calcium is absorbed, vitamin K2 (specifically as mk-7, the most bioavailable form) is purported to direct the calcium into the bones and out of the bloodstream and arteries, which helps promote both bone mineral density and arterial flexibility. Vitamin K2 also helps synthesize crucial bone proteins, which allows vitamin K2 to further support healthy bone metabolism. Each serving helps meet 100% RDA of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2.

Pure Nutrition Vitamin D3 is a vegan Vitamin D3 which is sustainably sourced from wild-harvested lichen with no animal byproducts of any kind. Vitamin D-3, or cholecalciferol present in the supplement is the natural, active form of vitamin D for the body, the same form of the vitamin that our own body produces in the sun, but without the risky UV exposure. Vitamin D supports immune function and helps improve teeth and bone health. It also reduces the risk of bone loss with age. Vitamin K2 supports heart health as it facilitates proper absorption of Calcium into the bones which otherwise gets accumulated in the arteries.

Pure Nutrition provides vegan vitamin D3, which is extracted from wild lichen and unlike most Vitamin D3 supplements does not contain any animal by-products. Each serving of Pure Nutrition Vitamin D3 provides the right amount of Vitamin K2 for superior absorption along with 10 mcg of Vitamin D3. Pure Nutrition Vitamin D3 contains cholecalciferol which is the most biologically active form of Vitamin D which provides better absorption in your body. The vitamin K used in the product is in the form of menaquinone is known to stay in the body longer, thereby increasing the absorption rate. Each serving helps meet 100% RDA of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2. This product is manufactured by a fully equipped FSSAI certified manufacturing plant that uses non-GMO ingredients to ensure that you get effective, high-quality products.

Lichen based Vitamin D3
  • Lichen is a plantlike organism that results from a symbiotic growth of algae and fungus. Lichens need to protect themselves from that damaging rays of the sun, so they produce vitamin D as a protective mechanism.
  • Lichen-based vitamin D3 is free from toxins and other contaminants and is a natural form of D3 that is the same as what our body produces when exposed to sunlight.
  • Helps regulate calcium and phosphate in the body
  • Improves bone, teeth and muscle health
  • Helps prevent osteomalacia in adults
  • Vitamin K2
    • Helps improve bone density
    • Helps prevent calcification of blood vessels
    • Improves brain and skin health

Take 1 capsule daily after meal (breakfast/lunch) with water or as prescribed by your health care professional

What is the safe age to consume Pure Nutrition Vit D3?

As a dietary supplement, we advise it to be consumed by adults above the age of 18 years.

Does Pure Nutrition Vitamin D3 have any side effects?

No, there are no known side effects. But, we advise not to exceed the recommended dosage. Pregnant females or lactating mothers should consult their health care professional before consumption.

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