selenium max

Selenium Max (Prevents Cellular Damage) -60 Veg Tablet

selenium max
selenium max Selenium Max (Prevents Cellular Damage) -60 Veg Tablet Selenium Max (Prevents Cellular Damage) -60 Veg Tablet

Selenium Max (Prevents Cellular Damage) -60 Veg Tablet

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  • Contains selenium, vitamin E & amla extracts
  • Prevents cellular damage
  • Gives younger looking skin
  • Controls the effects of ageing process
  • Supports regeneration of cells
  • Protects against infections & diseases
  • Effects immune function positively
  • 100% vegetarian tablets

Pure Nutrition's Selenium Max is made with vitamin E & amla extracts that are known for their anti-ageing properties & protection against cellular damage. Selenium compounds provide a range of benefits to the human body. Some of them are improving immune function to fight infections, promoting faster regeneration of cells and additionally protect against cellular damage.

Anti-ageing By providing cellular damage protection while the body undergoes the ageing process, selenium max provides anti-ageing benefits.

Improves antioxidant capacity The supplement contains selenium compounds, which has been found to improve antioxidant capacity, while restricting oxidative damage and promoting regeneration of cells.

Influences immune function Selenium Max also increases disease protection, as sialoproteins have a positive influence on immune function too.

Other varied benefits Other than the benefits listed above, studies have shown that selenium may reduce the risk of certain cancers, reduce asthma symptoms, protect against heart disease, prevent mental decline and is very important for thyroid health.

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Selenium (as L-selenomethionine) and Pumpkin Seed Extract Vitamin-E.
1 tablet daily after meals.
' Boost Your Immune System
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