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Ashwaginseng - 60 Tablets

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For strength and stamina

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Key Benefits

• Helps relieve stress and anxiety
• Helps improve muscle strength and boosts stamina
• Helps boost testosterone levels
• Helps enhance libido and improve performance

Who should consume?

Pure Nutrition Ashwaginseng is ideal for those looking to boost strength and stamina and enhance libido. It is apt for those looking to ease stress, promote relaxation, and improve performance.

Product Description

Pure Nutrition Ashwaginseng is made from a mix of potent herbs and L-carnitine that help boost strength and stamina. This Ashwaginseng supplement for men and women helps reduce anxiety and promotes relaxation. Ashwagandha extract helps enhance muscle strength and boosts libido. The potent combination of American and Panax ginseng helps ease stress and improve memory and concentration. L-Arginine helps improve blood flow and boost performance. Natural extracts of pepper, fenugreek, goji berry, Tribulus terrestris, and Cholorophytum borivilianum help enhance sexual and overall health.

Why this product?

Pure Nutrition Ashwaginseng is enriched with natural ingredients that help boost strength and stamina. It contains ashwagandha with 5% withanolides that provide the maximum benefit of ashwagandha root extract. Also, the supplement has ginseng with 10% ginsenosides. The supplement provides antioxidants, fights fatigue, improves blood flow, and enhances libido.

Star Ingredients

• Helps relieve stress and anxiety
• Helps improve muscle strength
• Helps improve strength and stamina
• Boosts testosterone and improves fertility in men
• Helps improve performance

Cholorophytum borivillanum
• Fights fatigue
• Boosts strength and stamina
• Helps improve performance

• Helps improve blood flow
• Helps lower blood pressure
• Helps produce growth hormone that supports normal functioning

Panax ginseng
• Helps reduce stress and anxiety
• Promotes relaxation
• Boosts energy

American ginseng
• Helps fight fatigue
• Relieves stress
• Helps improve strength and stamina

Mucuna pruriens
• Helps revitalize the reproductive system
• Promotes a healthy nervous system

Tribulus terrestris
• Supports urological health
• Helps enhance libido

Gingko biloba
• Helps control anxiety
• Supports brain and eye health

• Helps boost testosterone levels
• Helps regulate blood sugar levels

Goji berry
• Rich in antioxidants
• Boosts immunity
• Helps enhance libido

• Helps enhance libido
• Increases testosterone levels

Product Usage

1 tablet twice daily before meals or as directed by your healthcare professional


Can I take Pure Nutrition Ashwaginseng while I am on other medications?
Pure Nutrition Ashwaginseng is a nutraceutical supplement, so it is safe to consume with other medications. But always consult a doctor before beginning any supplement regime when on medication or suffering from any medical condition.

What is the safe age to consume Pure Nutrition Ashwaginseng?
As a nutraceutical supplement, we advise it to be consumed by adults above the age of 18 years.

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