Virgin Coconut Oil Bottle

Coconut Oil Raw Cold Pressed Extra Virgin - 500ml Glass Bottle

Virgin Coconut Oil Bottle
Virgin Coconut Oil Bottle Coconut Oil Raw Cold Pressed Extra Virgin - 500ml Glass Bottle Coconut Oil Raw Cold Pressed Extra Virgin - 500ml Glass Bottle Coconut Oil Raw Cold Pressed Extra Virgin - 500ml Glass Bottle

Coconut Oil Raw Cold Pressed Extra Virgin - 500ml Glass Bottle

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  • Pure Nutrition Raw Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil can be used for cooking, as a dietary supplement, for skin, hair and baby care. its promotes healthy metabolism and helps to improves immunity, Excellent natural moisturizer for dry skin and nourishment of skin its also prevents hair fall, controls dandruff and strengthens hair
  • Pure Nutrition Raw Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is made with Zero Heat Process (ZHP) and in a carefully controlled environment using cold processing technology and fresh quality coconut cream from mature premium traditional coconut.
  • This product is 100% Veg, NON-GMO, ZHP, LAB Tested, Natural Product comes in Glass Bottle which helps to maintain product quality.
  • This edible oil promotes healthy metabolism and weight loss, also with no cholesterol, no sodium Details
  • Naturally occurring Vitamin E (alpha + gamma tocopherols), plant phenols and lauric acid (C12) + MCTs.

Pure Nutrition Raw Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is a Superfood which is 100% natural & pure. It is specifically prepared from fresh raw coconuts through a meticulous No Heat Process, which helps preserve vital nutrients. This premium Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is made in a completely controlled environment using cold pressed technology that keeps it 100% natural.

Rich Source Of MCT’s-
Pure Nutrition Raw Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the richest plant based sources of naturally occurring Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). These MCTs contribute upto 60% of the total fats in VCNO. Unlike long chain saturated fats, MCTs get rapidly digested for instant energy release and help in weight management. The MCTs in VCNO breakdown into ketones that support cognition/memory function.

Helps build your immune system-
It provides great resolution to cut back infections. Incorporating Virgin Coconut Oil in everyday diet helps to prepare antibodies and improve immune system. It’s antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties facilitate relief from infection, induce quick recovery, and scale back internal and external inflammation

For Cooking-
Virgin Coconut Oil can be used for various purpose such as cooking, marinating, baking and frying. It can be used for multiple purposes replace unhealthy refined vegetable oils with virgin coconut oil for a healthier lifestyle

Apply on Skin/Hair-
Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent natural moisturizer and is great for dry skin. It nourishes the skin and hair and promotes healthy skin and hair. Super useful outside the kitchen, coconut oil makes a luscious lotion or hair conditioner that provides deep, nutrient-rich hydration without feeling sticky or greasy. Being natural and highly nutritious, it is perfect for baby massage and to naturally treat nappy rashes

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Helps Support Cognition : MCTs in VCNO convert into ketones that help support cognition/memory function.
Human breast milk and virgin coconut oil are the two significant sources of MCTs.

Boosts Energy level and helps manage weight : MCTs break down rapidly to deliver a quick boost of energy and help in weight management. Integral part of keto diet.

Helps in Digestion : MCTs because of there chemical composition get easily absorbed in the body, thus aiding digestion.

Oil Pulling : Used primarily in ayurvedic medicine, oil pulling helps strengthen teeth and gums, whitens teeth and helps with bad breath.

Consume 1 tablespoon daily (in raw form) * Can be used for cooking * Can be used for topical application

1. What does Pure Nutrition Raw Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil do for my body?
Pure Nutrition Raw Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is pure, raw and cold-processed virgin coconut oil. Made from Raw and fresh coconut, this is truly nature’s miracle oil. Virgin coconut oil helps boost energy and immunity, helps to optimise thyroid function, and prevents the deposition of unwanted fats.
Virgin coconut oil isolates have long been used as an energizer in sports formulae and infant foods, because it breaks down almost immediately in our bodies, and does not get stored as fat, but rather, gets metabolized almost immediately to provide energy.
It is nature’s best sources of anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds, and a great source of natural vitamin E, provitamin A, and antioxidants

2. What is the benefit of consuming Virgin coconut Oil?
Virgin coconut oil is the best natural source of Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). These are a group of fats that, because of their small molecular size, break down easily in our bodies. More importantly, they break down to form powerful immune-boosting and energy-giving compounds.
The three major MCTs in virgin coconut oil are Lauric Acid, Capric Acid and Capryllic Acid. Lauric acid is what is found in mother’s milk, and breaks down in our bodies to form a powerful anti-bacterial, while Capric and Capryllic acid are some of nature’s most powerful anti-fungals.

3. What is the difference between virgin coconut oil and refined coconut oil?
Virgin coconut oil is made from coconut milk, which is extracted from fresh mature coconuts. No heat, chemicals, solvents or enzymes are used to extract the oil. Virgin coconut oil is light, non-greasy and water-clear above 22 degrees Centigrade. More importantly, this delicate form of processing ensures that it retains a fresh coconut flavour, and all the micro-nutrients and anti-oxidants naturally present in the coconut.

Refined coconut oil is made from dried Coconut (COPRA). This is often copra that has been left outside to dry, and is therefore not of the best quality. In order for this copra-derived oil to be fit for human consumption, it has to go through a refining process known as refining-bleaching-deodorizing (or RBD). The RBD process uses heat and chemicals to extract the oil, thus leaving it with a thick texture, strong burnt coconut smell, and yellow colour. The natural Vitamin E, antioxidants and micro-nutrients are all but missing in this copra-derived refined oil.

4. Can Virgin Coconut Oil be used for cooking
Absolutely yes. Virgin Coconut oil is a multi purpose oil it can be used for cooking, marinating, baking and frying

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