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Digestive Enzymes 800 mg - 60 Capsules

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Digestive supplement for better digestion and absorption of nutrients

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Key Benefits

• Helps break down food compounds for easier absorption of nutrients
• Helps reduce indigestion and other symptoms of IBS & IBD
• Prevents toxicity due to rotten or undigested food
• Helps relieve abdominal stress

Who should consume?

Pure Nutrition Digestive Enzymes is ideal for frequent travelers, people with poor digestive systems, IBS- and IBD-prone individuals, and people having issues with nutrient absorption.

Product Description

Pure Nutrition Digestive Enzymes supplement contains all-natural and unprocessed enzymes that help improve digestion, nutrient absorption and relieve IBS and IBD symptoms like bloating, discomfort, pain, etc. By helping break down food compounds, Pure Nutrition’s Digestive Enzymes capsules ensure you get the maximum nutrition from the food you eat. These nutrients might otherwise go unabsorbed if enzymes produced in the body are not enough. These digestive capsules help prevent any toxicity caused by rotten and undigested food in the stomach.

Why this product?

Pure Nutrition Digestive Enzymes supplement contains a powerful blend of enzymes with bromelain that gives complete digestive support to the body. This digestive supplement helps boost metabolism, improves digestion of food, supports healthy microbe balance, helps reduce inflammation in the gut, promotes better absorption of nutrients, and helps reduce acid reflux.

Star Ingredients

Amylase - It helps break down carbohydrates in the body and makes them easy to absorb.

Protease - It helps break down proteins in the body and promotes smooth digestion.

Lipase - Lipase helps break down fats in the body into glycerol and free fatty acids.

Cellulose - It aids in the mobility of the food through the gut.

Lactase - It helps break down lactose in the body.

Bromelain - It helps in the breakdown of proteins.

Product Usage

Take 1 capsule twice daily after meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Can I take Pure Nutrition Digestive Enzymes while I am on other medication?
Pure Nutrition Digestive Enzymes is a natural digestive supplement so it is safe to consume with other medications. However, we recommend consulting your physician before you begin any supplementation course if you have a medical condition or are on any medication.

What is the appropriate age to consume Pure Nutrition Digestive Enzymes?
Being a digestive supplement, Pure Nutrition Digestive Enzymes is ideal for people above the age of 18 years.