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Detox Kidney 60 Caps

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Kidney Detox Capsules

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Key Benefits

• Supports kidney functions
• Reduces the risk of kidney disease and UTIs
• Helps prevent nucleation and growth of the calcium oxalate crystals in the kidney
• Enhances digestion and protects the gut lining joints

Who should consume?

Pure Nutrition Kidney Detox is ideal for those looking to improve their kidney functions. Additionally, it helps reduce the risk of kidney disease and UTIs.

Product Description

Pure Nutrition Kidney Detox is a herbal supplement formulated using natural ingredients. It helps detox the kidneys, prevent nucleation and growth of calcium oxalate crystals that lead to kidney stones, and lower urea levels that may cause urinary tract infections (UTIs). Ingredients such as boerhavia diffusa and Tribulus terrestris not only detox the kidneys and prevent fluid retention but also help regulate blood sugar levels. This kidney detox supplement helps reduce inflammation of the urinary system and strengthens the muscles and organs in the region. Other vital ingredients help fight bloating, constipation, and related gastrointestinal disorders. These kidney detox capsules provide antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that ensure the smooth functioning of the kidney.

Why this product?

Pure Nutrition Kidney Detox is a unique plant-based combination that helps reduce inflammation of the urinary system and strengthens the muscles and organs in the region. It reduces the risk of kidney stones and UTIs and enhances kidney function to ensure toxins are flushed out effectively.

Star Ingredients

Boerhavia diffusa
Boerhavia Diffusa is a herb used in Ayurveda. It is known to have diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Boerhaavia diffusa promotes the restoration of body cells and helps eliminate excess water from the kidneys, allowing for healthy kidney functions. It also helps lower urea levels significantly to keep kidney disorders at bay.

Tribulus terrestris
It is a natural flowering herb that promotes the smooth functioning of the kidneys. Tribulus terrestris protects the kidneys from oxidative damage, while also lowering stress levels. This ingredient helps prevent kidney stone formation and can reduce the risk of common urinary tract infections.

Zingiber officinale
Commonly known as ginger, Zingiber officinale is a spice that has anti-inflammatory properties. It improves kidney functions and the quality of renal cells. Zingiber officinale also helps fight bloating, constipation, and related gastrointestinal disorders.

Turmeric Extract
It is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties, known to slow the progression of chronic kidney diseases.

Milk Thistle Extract
It is a flowering herb that supports kidney health.

Pumpkin Seed Extract
Pumpkin seeds are great superfoods and ideal for detoxifying the body.

Flaxseed Powder
Flaxseeds powder is ideal for eliminating toxins from the body.

Pepper Extract
Pepper Extracts have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is ideal for body detox and ensures the smooth functioning of the kidneys.

Acts as a therapeutic agent in experimental kidney disease

N-acetyl cystine
Protects your kidney from injury induced by ischemia, contrast media, and toxins.

Vitamin C (Rosehip extract)
Helps heal wounds and protects the cells from damage
Promotes proper functioning of the immune system

Antioxidant effects of resveratrol can protect against both acute and chronic kidney injuries

Alpha-lipoic acid
A powerful antioxidant that helps key enzymes turn nutrients into energy.
Protects the kidney cells from oxidative damage

Co-enzyme Q10
Fat-soluble quinone that exerts antioxidative functions
Helps decrease oxidative stress in non-dialysis CKD and dialysis CKD patients

Product Usage

1 capsule twice daily after meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Can I take Pure Nutrition Kidney Detox whilst I am on other medication?
Kidney Detox is a detoxification supplement made from natural ingredients, so it is safe to consume with other medications. But always consult a doctor before beginning any supplement regime when on medication or suffering from any severe medical condition.

What is the safe age to consume Pure Nutrition Kidney Detox?
As a detoxification supplement, we advise it to be consumed by adults above the age of 18 years.