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Biotin - 60 Veg Tablets

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Potent formula for hair and skin health

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Key Benefits

• Supports keratin production for healthy hair, skin, and nails
• Promotes cell growth and improves skin elasticity
• Supports hair growth and helps prevent hair fall • Helps improve metabolism by converting food into energy

Who should consume?

Pure Nutrition Biotin is ideal for those looking to control or prevent hair fall and improve skin and nail health.

Product Description

Pure Nutrition Biotin 10000 mcg contains vitamin B7 and natural extracts, essential for keratin production. It is exclusively formulated to regulate the biotin levels in the body to help in the healthy growth and maintenance of hair, skin, and nails. Each serving contains biotin-mineral blend along with herbal ingredients like bhringhraj, bamboo shoot, amla, moringa, and more that provide natural biotin. This unique formulation supports the functions of biotin and improves the efficacy of the supplement. Regular consumption of these biotin tablets helps reduce the risk of hair loss, brittle nails, and eczema. It gives you clear skin and thick, healthy hair. This biotin supplement for women and men enhances external beauty and converts food into energy, thereby improving metabolism. Improved metabolism helps in weight loss, increases energy levels, and promotes better absorption of nutrients. Pure Nutrition Biotin for hair and skin is free from fillers, binders, and additives, and it is also gluten-free and 100% vegetarian.

Why this product?

Pure Nutrition Biotin is made with Ayurvedic ingredients like Sesbania, known for its high natural biotin content. It has powerful herbs like Bhringraj and Amla for hair and nails. It also has Bamboo shoot extract and moringa leaf that further enhance the hair and nail growth, and also boost overall health.

Star Ingredients

“Biotin” also known as “Vitamin B7” or “Beauty Vitamin” or “Vitamin H” is vital for the metabolism of amino acids, fat, and carbohydrates. Biotin is the key nutrient in cell growth.

Calcium Pantothenate (Natural source)
It nourishes scalps from within and provides essential nutrients. Additionally, it nourishes follicles and strengthens hair from roots.

Manganese (Natural source)
Manganese promotes the production of collagen that strengthens hair and nail and enhances skin elasticity.

Agati (Sesbania grandiflora) extract
It helps improve the blood circulation in the scalp, which promotes healthy follicles. Biotin obtained from Sesbania extracts helps reduce hair fall & hair thinning.

Bhringraj, also known as Eclipta Alba, promotes hair growth, reduces greying and balding, and makes the hair darker. It also keeps the hair lustrous.

Bamboo shoot extract
Bamboo shoot extract is rich in scalp-soothing properties that help strengthen hair follicles. With powerful antioxidants, bamboo shoot extract protects your skin against free radicals.

Amla (Phyllanthus emblica)
It is high in vitamin C, which protects your hair, skin, and nails from getting damaged. It promotes collagen production that protects healthy cell growth.

Moringa is a natural multi-vitamin and multi-mineral that helps boost immunity with its potent antioxidant properties.

Iron optimizes the supply of oxygen that boosts cell and tissue repair and promotes healthy growth.

Zinc is rich in antibacterial properties that help enhance skin, hair, and nail conditions.

Copper (Natural source)
Copper helps form a strong connective tissue in collagen synthesis that promotes the healthy growth of hair, skin, and nails.

Selenomethionine (Amino acid)
The amino acid present in biotin prevents nails from brittleness. It also improves skin texture and elasticity."

Product Usage

1 tablet twice daily before meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Can I take Pure Nutrition Plant-Based Biotin while I am on other medications?
Pure Nutrition Plant-Based Biotin is a beauty supplement made from natural ingredients, so it is safe to consume with other medications. But always consult a doctor before beginning any supplement regime when on medication or suffering from any severe medical condition.

What is the safe age to consume Pure Nutrition Plant-Based Biotin?
As a nutraceutical supplement, we advise it to be consumed by adults above the age of 18 years.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
M Joseph

My hair loss has reduced drastically after consuming Biotin capsules!!

Banbihari Labhsha

I have consumed it a couple of months and seen my skin getting rejuvenated i recommend this product to my family also..

Himmat Thyagarajan

All those claims people make about this are absolutely true. Skin glow, good hairs, etc. Must buy!!

Trilochan Latesh

It really work ,this is my 2nd bottle and I love this because it's useful in many wasy mostly in weight loss , acidity, digestion and yeah you use for hair ,face etc .I take it before meal and spcly on salad dressing.

Chanchal Diwan

Very good product and Also it delivered to me in a safe manner .I love this product too much.It tastes slidely sour but overall it is very good . I wish that I will loss more weight with this by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet .😆