Healthy foods that are actually UNHEALTHY!!!

Healthy foods that are actually UNHEALTHY!!!

We try various permutations and combinations to feed our family a healthy meal. Though we know our traditional meals are healthful, we go the extra mile to add a few more nutritious food items to our everyday routine in the form of packaged food. But why do we do that? Are we getting deceived by extensive advertisements? Do packaged food and beverages hold more nutritional value? Is packaged food always reliable? The answer is NO. Don't let the false ads fool you. Dive in with us, and let's bust the myth around a few food items you thought were healthy.

Brown Bread

Switching from white bread to brown bread is often termed a healthy transition. But are all brown bread available in the market healthy? Well, no. We have been served brown bread in the name of whole wheat bread, but mostly brown bread is caramelized, with no beneficial nutrients. It is high in starch and sugar, which may lead to bloating, obesity, and other health disorders.

 Digestive Biscuits

Brands generally promote digestive biscuits claiming that they are high in fiber and low in fat to ensure easy digestion. While it is partially true, some ingredients in the biscuits are unhealthy. Ingredients like coarse brown wheat flour give texture to the biscuits, added sugar, salt, and malt extract enhance the taste, vegetable oil helps prevent the biscuits from breaking, and raising agents like sodium bicarbonate creates a fluffy crumb in the biscuits.

Protein Bars

An energy bar or protein bar can give you an instant energy boost. But it would be false to claim it is a healthy food option. Most protein bars are high in sodium, sugar, artificial colors, belly-bloating soy, and high fructose corn syrup that can sabotage your well-being. Meanwhile, low-carb or sugar-free energy bars use artificial sweeteners that increase the risk of weight gain.

Favored Yogurts

Yogurts are generally known as digestive agents that promote healthy gut bacteria. Meanwhile, they also aid in weight loss. But the same is not the case with flavored yogurts. Flavored yogurts are no less than ice creams as they are high in color, sugar, and artificial flavors. The additives take away the nutritional value and act as a dessert.


Energy Drink/Sports Drink

Sports drinks or energy drinks can give you a temporary energy boost, but at the same time, they are high in caffeine, sugar, and artificial flavor. According to studies, consuming energy drinks frequently can increase stomach irritation, make you dehydrated, aggravate restlessness, and cause muscle twitches.

Corn Flakes

With changing times, cornflakes have become a common addition to our breakfast table. Though they are a filling and pack a great taste, they are not very healthy. Corn flakes may be low in fat but are high in HFCS - High Fructose Corn Syrup, which means high sugar levels. Consuming excess cornflakes can promote excess weight gain and insulin resistance, leading to diabetes.

 Diet Soda

Over the years, brands have portrayed diet coke and soda are better and healthier than regular soda. Despite promoting it as a healthy option, diet sodas are directly linked with weight gain as they are high in sugar. They are excess in artificial sweeteners that not only promote obesity but also increase blood sugar levels and the risk of diabetes, which may lead to heart problems.


Packed Fruit Juices

Fruit juices in our daily meals are considered a healthy addition to our diet. But make sure to have a tab on the juice you consume. Most packed juices or beverages contain added preservatives, color, and flavor that offer nothing but taste. Packed juices contain no nutritional value and may lead to weight gain or obesity.


Your nutrition is in your hands, so rather than counting on packaged food and beverages, you can rely on your home-cooked meals and give your family a promise of health.

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